Sabrina Percy 6 piece detachable suit - Limited Edition

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Sabrina Percy 6 piece detachable suit, - Limited Edition Hannah Sophia England
Sabrina Percy 6 piece detachable suit, pre-order Hannah Sophia England
Sabrina Percy 6 piece detachable suit, pre-order Hannah Sophia England

Sabrina Percy's collaborates with Hannah Sophia England, to design her dream power suit. Creating a truly versatile tailored suit that you're able to swap and change by detaching and attaching pieces (invisible zips). From the boardroom to country weekends and evenings out. 

- 100% British Moons Tweed Wool in brown with highlights of green

- Detachable tailored wool dress 

- Tailored  wool Top ( It can be worn on its own, or attached to the skirt as a dress or attach the top with a peplum) detachable peplum and detachable sleeves/ skirt

- Removable wool sleeves on the top

- Tailored wool trousers with a slit at the bottom

- Detachable peplum trim

- 100% cotton lining for all pieces

- Branded preservation box with magnetic closure and ribbon

- Made sustainable and Ethically in Great Britain

- We promise to plant a tree per order, on behalf of you and to help tackle climate change.

Sabrina Percy - “I wanted to create pieces that when I put them on make me feel powerful and ready to go. As soon as Hannah asked me to join this campaign, I was so keen to do it, as it's so fantastic. I still think there is so much room for women to lean into their alpha leaders and grow that confidence in their workplace and in business.”

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