Sustainability / Ethics

Forever inspired by our strong commitment to create a kinder, more conscious and sustainable world, for our next generation to inherit.


We offer a complete transparent supply chain. Hannah-Sophia decided to bring as much in-house as possible, after seeing first-hand the danger, disrespect and unethicalness that many global manufactures have for their members of staff and our planet, she felt it was her responsibility to understand who makes our garments, how they’re made and where they’re made. Each garment is meticulously hand-crafted in-house, all of our members of staff are paid above national standard and our fabrics are printed using natural ingredients. We pride ourselves with ensuring our fabric doesn’t end up in landfill, ensuring that we re-purpose our fabric to help reduce waste. Committed to positive change, we plant a tree per order and work with local charities to create natural habitats for local wildlife. As citizens of the world, we feel it is our moral duty to be kind to one another, show empathy and consideration to all and to help preserve our beautiful planet. 
From day one we have ensured that we are doing our best to help create a better planet for our next generation to inherit. Founder Hannah-Sophia believes it starts with us, our little ones are watching and we need to be the change that we want to see in the world.
Planting trees is one of the biggest ways of tackling the climate crisis we all are facing. With your help we are able to plant a tree per order and also help create natural nature habitats for nearly extinct wildlife. 
Lets help fight climate change together!
We have committed to not allowing our fabric to end up in landfill and damaging our environment instead we pride ourselves in using scraps / fabrics to repurpose them by transforming scraps into accessories/trims and limited edition collections. All of our products are made to order to ensure that we can remain as sustainable as possible.
Our fabric has been designed with brilliant local artists and printed in-house. We are working on only using natural dyes and traditional methods. All of our fabric has been ethically sourced within the UK and they hold valid certifications. 
All of Hannah Sophia England purchases come in ‘preservation’ boxes.
Just like with wedding dresses, our gowns come with a preservation box so that you are able to preserve it. It helps promote the longevity of our clothes.
"The idea came to me after I inherited my mother’s maternity dress that she had worn while expecting me and I wore it while pregnant with my daughters. It was such a meaningful gesture, evoking in powerful memories. I wanted other women to be able to experience the same, as well as helping them to take care of their Hannah Sophia England dress and make sure it lasts — because clothes should become cherished pieces of your family’s history."  

Hannah Sophia England is a luxury sustainable brand that ethically handcrafts all of their products in Stamford, England, Great Britain