About Us


“I want my children and the next generation to inherit a better, stronger world, where kindness rules — kindness to others, ourselves and to our planet."

- Hannah-Sophia


Hannah Sophia England was founded with the sole purpose to help create a better world for our future generations. A future where kindness rules and we as a society slow down, to cherish our clothes.

In a world where fashion is still widely viewed as being disposable, we believe in encouraging women to cherish each piece and one day pass it down to her next generation.

Each garment has been meticulously hand-crafted to evolve into multiple different looks. Tripling the average use of a dress – current stats show that the average woman in the UK will wear a dress just 4 times, out of fear of being seen in it multiple times or due to their bodies adapting throughout life. 

We offer a transparent supply chain where all of our items are meticulously made by unbelievably talented craftsman.