Sustainable Society Muse: Hum Fleming | Hannah Sophia England

Hum speaks about women supporting women: "I live life with a very strong group of females and it means a great deal to me that we can all empower each other. I think Hannah Sophia England’s campaign is so important and mental health in general. I have epilepsy and I have had times where I have experienced deep lows but my female friends are the people who bring me back up, and they are my memory bank as well. It means a great deal to me that we can all empower each other." Hum Fleming 
"I was so honoured to be part of the Women for Women campaign between Hannah Sophia England and the Prince's Trust. The whole process has been a wonderful journey , I've met some amazing women and it is all for such a good cause. I took inspiration from my fave French 1972 spy film with Mireille Darc and utilised Hannah's incredible design skills for versatility... The dress is reversible, black on one side and navy polka dot on the other. Made from organic jersery cotton, unbelievably comfy, stretchy and form fitting... I genuinely feel unstoppable in it and couldn't be happier thanks to Hannah Sophia England." _ Hum Fleming