About Us


“I want my children and the next generation to inherit a better, stronger world, where kindness rules — kindness to others, ourselves and to our planet."

- Hannah-Sophia


Hannah Sophia England was founded with the sole purpose to help create a better world for our future generations. A future where kindness ruled and we as a society slowed down, to cherish our clothes.

In a world where fashion is still widely viewed as being disposable, we believe in encouraging women to cherish each piece and one day pass it down to her next generation.

A Hannah Sophia England dress will become a timeless piece of your legacy.

Our interchangeable luxury items have been meticulously hand-crafted to evolve into multiple different looks. Tripling the average use of a dress – current stats show that the average woman in the UK will wear a dress just 4 times, out of fear of being seen in it multiple times or due to their bodies adapting throughout life. 

We offer a transparent supply chain where all of our items are meticulously made by unbelievably talented craftsman all in-house.