Why is quality, over quantity so important?

We live in a world where fast fashion is the “norm” and it has become disposable because of the price tag. With the fashion industry being the second largest contributor to global warming and our crisis (just after the oil industry) The fast fashion (only wear it once or twice and then move onto something new) needs to change. I believe in buying good quality clothes that I will wear a lot and that has been crafted to fit my body and compliment me.

Unfortunately, with maternity wear, the garments have such a small life span. It’s hard to ensure that smart/occasion wear gets its full usage. The trouble is, we need maternity clothes as they are designed to fit your growing bump. To feel comfortable and confident, its just one of those grudged investments. 

Binning your clothes after just a few wears is environmentally damaging, and it promotes a worrying "fast fashion" culture. 

Instead of polluting our worlds landfills with clothes that take decades to decompose, create a wardrobe with timeless classics that are designed to evolve with you. 

 Wouldn't it be amazing to be in a world where our clothes are no longer seen as disposable but instead to be cherished timeless pieces of our family’s history, for our next generation to be able to love, as much as we have?

Together we can pave out a better, more sustainable and ethical future for our children. Investing in timeless, high quality garments instead of investing in toxic disposable fast fashion.