You had me at Merlot! Wine tasting at home, wine not?

This is one of our personal favourites, as its a fun afternoon/evening at home, that can still be a little different. 

How to have a wine tasting party . . .
Firstly we suggest that you line up your wines in the order they will be tasted; beginning with whites and finishing with reds (lightest to heaviest, driest to sweetest). Make sure you chill your wines properly, allowing them to breathe.
Make sure you label each wine, (we labelled ours from 1-6) covering the branding of each wine, so you are unable to know which is which. 
Let's decide on the grape selection themes . . .
Vertical wine tasting 
This means that you choose one wine variety from the same producer but from serval vintages. Noticing the subtle/dramatic changes from year to year.
Horizontal wine tasting
This means you focus on a wine variety from a single year however from different producers. (You can choose your bottles of wine from the same region or from all around the world!) 
Old World vs. New World wine tasting
You simply try a grape variety grown in the 'Old World' (I.e. Europe - France, Italy, Austria, Germany, Spain and Portugal) and then the same with the 'New World' (i.e. North America, Sound America, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa). Write down the similarities and differences and find out which ' World' you prefer!
Below is a printout, for you to be able to score your wine and begin your wine tasting! Whoohoo! 
Wishing you a wonderful evening! x x