Dressing for your 2nd trimester

Hip Hip Horray! Congratulations! Your big news is out in the open. How hard was it to keep it from the rest of the world? I know I found it hard. I was a little naughty as I did spill the beans to a few people as I couldn't contain my excitement!


Now that your exciting news is out in the open and your bump is slowly becoming a lot more obvious, here is the chance to wear clothes to emphasise your gorgeous curves and show off your baby bump!


Investing in maternity clothes that will grow with you and that flatters your bump is crucial but ofter people misunderstand "clothes that grow with you", as meaning that you need to buy larger clothes. If you buy 2 sizes up (like many recommend), you’ll look a lot bigger than you are. 


You want to show off you proud bump and new curves. Larger clothes will just make you look a lot larger than you are but it won’t compliment your new shape. When shopping for your maternity clothes, please make sure you're buying the right size to your body. This means your regular clothes size.  Investing in some maternity clothes is key. They’re specificity designed to flatter your new curves. They are giving and comfortable where they need to be and they will be fitted the way they’re meant to be to retain your beautiful body.