Dressing for your 1st trimester

Trying to dress for your first trimester can be hard. Your day to day clothes might come a little snug towards the end of this trimester and you might still want to keep your exciting news a secret for a little longer. The 1st trimester is usually about dressing to hide your bump, until you’ve reached a point that you’re comfortable sharing your news to your friends and family.


This means wearing flattering clothes that camouflage your new exciting body changes.


I would highly recommend you start with Peplum, A line, Empire Waisted and Wrap style clothes, as they are perfect at keeping big secrets.


Shh I wont tell, if you don't.


This is also around the time to start thinking about investing in a good quality nursing bra or two. I would recommend 2 . One white and one black but one is essential. Your breasts will start to get larger and you might soon out grow your regular bras.

Nursing bras are great as they are designed for comfort and will help support your back a little better. 


(When your baby is born, it is also easy and discreet access should you wish to breastfeed.

(Remember your breasts will increase to around 2 cup sizes bigger.)