To enjoy for generations to come

Afternoon tea, Champagne and quality time with our three generations. 
Clothes should become a part of our family legacy, to support us during our journey and for our next generation to enjoy as much as we have. 
Last week we celebrated with our Mothers, Children and our Closest tribe. Family are our motivation, inspiration and the essence of everything we do.
Did you know that the majority of people who are working within the fashion industry are females? It is important to think about the people who are making our clothes as it helps remind us of the time that has been invested to make our clothes. Clothes made by other peoples Mothers, Daughters, Sisters and Friends. 
In a world where clothes are still widely viewed as disposable, we still believe dressmaking is a craftmanship that can last for generations.
All of our clothes are ethically in-house with a transparent supply chain. Understanding where our clothes are from, who made our clothes and how our clothes are being made is very important. 
Kindness to ourselves, the people making our clothes and to our planet.