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‘We see silence filled with fear’ 💔
The Taliban’s rapid-fire advance through Afghanistan has left women and girls, a whole generation of whom have grown up with rights and freedoms, among the most vulnerable. Now they stand to lose those hard-won gains as well as worry for their life, as the Taliban seize control of Kabul.

Dear MP Name,

I am writing to you today as my MP, as I am incredibly concerned regarding the situation in Afghanistan, particularly as the Taliban seem to be gaining traction across the country.

Unfortunately, once again Afghanistan has been left alone in war, a war which risks regressing Afghanistan 200 years back. Hundreds of innocent civilians are dying daily, and thousands are becoming internally displaced. Human rights are violated while the world is watching silently. 

According to UNICEF this week, atrocities being committed against children were growing "higher by the day" and at least 60,000 people, more than half of them children, have fled their homes in Kunduz alone since the weekend, Save the Children said.

Over the last four decades, millions of Afghans have been killed due to the ongoing conflict; most recently the major cause of deaths have been terrorist attacks and direct shootings facilitated by Afghanistan’s hostile neighbour, Pakistan. 

The Afghan people and their allies request that the international community place intense and unified pressure on the Pakistani government and its army, which continues to support the Taliban militia in Afghanistan. The Taliban are committing human rights violations and war crimes, often against innocent Afghan women and children. Pakistan continues to aid the Taliban in these atrocities despite decades of requests from British allies to stop supporting terrorism.

Pakistan continues to provide aid to the Taliban in the following ways:

  • Assistance in recruiting and training Taliban and more than 30 other terrorist organisations;
  • Providing sanctuary for Taliban members and their families inside Pakistan;
  • Direct financial support through various channels;
  • Weapons and explosives training and supply;
  • And political and diplomatic cover and support.

Whether through targeted diplomatic sanctions, economic pressure, or full terrorist-support listing, Afghans need your help. 

Every year, Pakistan receives billions in humanitarian and military assistance in the name of fighting poverty, inequality and terrorism – yet unfortunately, most of the financial assistance is siphoned off by Pakistani generals, senior military officers, and the very Jihadists that Pakistan is supposed to fight against. Afghans have been clear that they seek peace in their country and region. After 40 years of suffering caused by proxy wars, it is time all support to terrorism in Afghanistan is stopped.

The UK is home to hundreds of thousands of British-Afghans many of which are contributing to various sectors and fields of UK society.  They are all concerned regarding the situation in Afghanistan.  

  • We would like UK to play an active role and use its influence to ask Pakistan to stop supporting Taliban and play an active role in the peace process. A peaceful Afghanistan is in the interest of the region and the world. 
  • We want the UK Government to work with its allies and sanction top Pakistani generals and military corporations who support terrorism in Afghanistan and in the world.
  • We ask for the UK government to acknowledge and work with human right organisations to take notice of the atrocities committed by Taliban against civilians especially the women of Afghanistan.

I look forward to hearing what you will be doing as my MP to ensure the UK and international community hold the Pakistani Government accountable for their actions in enabling and sponsoring terrorism in Afghanistan. 


Yours Sincerely,