Baptism of Love

Audrey Hepburn once said “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow” 
Like children, For a flower to bloom, petal by petal,  we need to nurture it, show love, patience and care. We make a promise to care and nurture, even when we may not always see immediate results. To grow a garden we can not do this alone. We get support from the sun, rain and the soil that we stand on. Together they help our flowers to grow and blossom.
As each new seed is planted and nurtured with help, a beautiful Garden blooms.
Today we ask our fairy godparents along with the support from our family and friends to help us nurture and love our children
As a symbol of this intention to continue growing with life, we ask you to add soil to each flower, followed by water. As the sun rises the flowers will grow - (here comes the sun - the Beatles starts to play)


May you know the gift of friendship

Feel the sun upon your face

May you win displaying dignity

And accept defeat with grace



May you marvel at the wonders Of nature and the earth

May you value education

And know your own true worth

May you live and love with honesty

And do the thing that’s right

May you stand up for the helpless

And sleep in peace at night



May you thrive upon a challenge

And sing and dance and laugh

May you feel true love and follow your own path


Photographer Hubert Cecil