We are all kinds of women and so are our clothes

All mums

Mums aren’t just mums.

We are strong independent business ladies that dress for business,

We are kind, loving, fun mothers who dress for comfort and convenience. 

We are wives, girlfriends and lovers who dress for romance.                                                      


We are our high school friends wedding guest who dresses to impress.    


We grow our babies within our bodies. we need our clothes to grow with us.                       

We nurse our babies. we need clothes that allow easy access for us to do this.

We are all kinds of women and so are our clothes.

 The problem I found with maternity clothes is that it seemed to be made for one aspect of a mother’s life. Your maternity capsule wardrobe should be able to reflect all aspects of you and your life.

 We design clothes that let you still feel like you. All of you.