Layering up to be cosy on those colder days

The art of layering up means that you are able to wear your favourite dresses whatever the weather. Lets face it, we all would prefer to buy clothes they will actually wear. Shopping maternity clothes in "season" means that come spring/summer your autumn/winter clothes will be far too hot. We don't need to buy 4 sets of maternity clothes just to suit the weather.

This is the mistake I had to learn the hard way.  I bought "in season" maternity clothes. This meant that as soon as summer had arrived, my clothes simply didn't work. Jumpers and warm trousers do not suit 30 degrees. Especially when your hormone levels are sky high! 

Second time round, I decided to do it right. (I gave my maternity clothes away, not realising I was going to have my second little dream boat). I invested in trans-seasonal dresses that would see me during my whole pregnancy. I learnt how to layer up my dresses to transform my summer delight, into my winter wonder. 

I'll first start with the under garment. Try and find a light weight thin vest to wear under your clothes. Having a garment that is covering your chest will instantly retain your heat. 

Adding a cardigan or jumper will warm up your dress and turn it into a winter look.

Jumpers are my personal favourite as they not only add a lovely warm layer, it also creates a different look. Turning your dress into a skirt/ jumper combo. 

I used to pair my dress up with tights and a winter coat on top of my jumper. 

If it is really chilly then I add boots (with socks) and my scarf/hat/gloves.

Pictures to come...